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The Nine9 mission is clear: 99% of models and actors aren’t represented by an agency and we are helping them take over the entertainment industry.  Nine9 provides the 99% with the tools, opportunities and support to begin and advance their careers. We believe there is power in numbers, and the 99% is always greater than the 1%.

When we started Nine9 in 2003 our mission was to provide tools and resources for all aspiring talent to find success.  Over the last 12 years as our company grew to become a recognized leader in castings nationwide.   An agency can tell you, the 99%, “no” and tell you they aren’t willing to invest in developing you, but they can’t tell you that you can’t be successful.

Come to Nine9 and be whatever you want.

Nine9 The UnAgency uses the latest technology and an energized staff with over ten years of experience in bookings, advice and top client relationships.  We pride ourselves on a staff that treats everyone with respect and kindness.  At Nine9 we work nonstop to ensure each of our talent receives castings and opportunities in real time from our database of industry contacts.  The opportunities range from television and film to commercial, music video, runway, print and promotional castings and gigs.

 Industry Clients of Nine9 Enjoy a searchable database of talent with detailed characteristics, a commission free service, a detailed talent evaluation process to ensure they are getting dedicated professionals and a corporate staff with years of industry knowledge and contacts.

At Nine9 we believe a client and talent’s relationship is built on teamwork – both sides must be willing to invest in time and the hard work that is needed for success and treat each other with a professional attitude.

Nine9 is excited to announce we will continue to operate in major markets nationwide including Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Detroit (Corporate) and, of course, Los Angeles and New York.

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